Wildeflower workshops were designed with the intention of creating a safe, inspiring space for those wanting to learn more about floral design. This includes budding hobbyists, those who already have some experience, and florists who wish to grow further and find an authentic voice using floral design. We offer a few different workshops for various skill levels, and are constantly growing our workshop experiences and community.


Basics in floral design

16 August 2019, The Shed at Overgaauw, Stellenbosch

(open for bookings)

1 day - R3’100 per person (excl. vat)


A great introductory course to the Wildeflower workshop experience for creatives, hobbyists and florists of all levels. You'll join us for a full day of floral education and arranging, plus develop new friendships, while exploring the world of floral design.

We will cover the following topics: how to tap into your creative flow, theory (colors, shape, form and texture), the mechanics of an arrangement, you will watch me arrange and then make your own floral table arrangements to take home, with my guidance at each step, as well as learn how to style a beautiful table with all the essential elements for a naturally exquisite setting.


What will you get:

A 25 page booklet with notes

Light breakfast snack, drinks, lunch and afternoon tea

Plenty of gorgeous flowers to work with

Table arrangements to take home

Photos of your work




1 - 2 March 2019 (open for booking)

The Shed at Overgaauw, Stellenbosch

2 days - R6’100 per person (excl. vat)


This is for the more experienced hobbyist or florists wanting to learn more. It's a two day workshop where you will be immersed in luxury flowers and gain lots of new knowledge about installation design. 

We will design two large installations together, as well as table florals. Topics covered include: how to plan an installation, the tricks behind the structural elements, the mechanics, table styling, a refresher of the basics in floral design theory, compiling flower orders and allocating flowers in arrangements. You will also practically arrange the large installations with me, arrange your own inspired centre pieces and do table styling.


What will you get:

A 56 page booklet with notes

Lunch, drinks and snacks

Centre piece to take home

Lots of luxury flowers to take home

Professional photos of you and your work to grow your portfolio


Flower workshop Cape Town


July 2019 (open for booking)

The Shed at Overgaauw, Stellenbosch

2 days - R5’900 per person (excl. vat)


We will cover topics specifically relating to a wedding planner’s role and what would practically enhance the service they offer and allow them insight into floral design - as well as how to fix any floral mishaps that could occur.

The topics covered will include, but not limited to, the basic floral design principals, a bouquet demonstration by myself and then how to fix bouquets that are falling apart (each person will have a bouquet to work on), making boutonnières, corsages and flower hair pieces, arranging table florals and styling a table with all the various elements, installation design, transporting flowers, how to estimate the costs of flowers for your clients etc.


What will you get:

A 60 page booklet with notes

Lunch, drinks, snacks and wine

Lots of luxury flowers to take home

Professional photos of you and your work

Invaluable skills and knowledge



August 2019

Please send us an email if you interested and we'll put you on the waiting list

1 day - R3'500 per person (excl. vat)


In this full day workshop we will cover the basics in bouquet-making theory, and you will create your own posy-style bouquet, as well as a large cascading bouquet. We use only the finest luxury flowers, so you get to play with plenty of gorgeous flowers while learning.


What will you get:

A 10 page booklet with notes

Lunch and drinks

Bouquets to take home with you

Photos of you and your work

flower workshop bouquet


One-on-one workshops

R9'500 for a full day (excl. vat)


This is an intensive workshop in which you will have one-on-one time with Pippa, learning about the ins and outs of floral design. From a selection of arrangements, you will be able to choose which you would like to learn about. The workshop includes an abundance of flowers and a photo session afterwards, so you will leave with beautiful designs and professional photos to further your portfolio.


What will you get:

A 56 page booklet with notes

Lunch, drinks and snacks

Lots of luxury flowers and arrangements to take home

Professional images of you and your work