My name is Pippa, and I live in beautiful Cape Town with my husband (the love of my life). I am a passionate flower-lover and business owner. Creating beauty is what makes me come fully alive, and using gorgeous, lush flowers to do this makes me literally weak at the knees.

I grew up in the rolling green hills of the Midlands in Natal, where I was raised loving the outdoors and especially my Mum’s beautiful garden. I used to pick armfuls of magnolia blossoms and roses while in the Victorian-style dresses my Mum made me, and I used to get lost in the shrubbery dancing between the ferns.

I started learning about how to arrange flowers at the age of about 10, and during my varsity years, I did flowers part-time and a friend’s wedding, and that was when I decided it was what I really wanted to do. I studied at University of Stellenbosch and completed BSc (Hons) Dietetics. I always knew in my heart that flowers was my calling and passion, so I formally started with floral design full time in Durban. I started Wildeflower fairly early on in my floral design career, and have loved this journey endlessly.


I believe that flowers can evoke all sorts of emotions and feelings, and that they are an intricate part of design when planning the look and feel for a wedding or event. Flowers can communicate different things depending on their form, colour, texture and how they are arranged. Working with flowers for me is a form of art, and I like to pair the correct flowers and foliage to create pockets of visual bliss and whimsical synergy.

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